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White Plants

Our Workshops

We love how children explore the world through movement and play, and it is this experiential and non-judgemental passion for discovery that we bring to our clients.


As adults, we often form conclusions from recycled knowledge and behaviours that perpetuate the status quo. It is precisely this limited and non-experiential approach that stifles individuals and teams from nurturing growth and breaking boundaries.

Our minds and bodies hold eons of psychic and somatic wisdom that we take with us to the workplace. However, we often perceive this source of intelligence as too vulnerable, or too eccentric, to expose in a corporate playing field. The result is that we hide our true wisdom behind endless layers of self-protection.

Our work is to create environments that recognise, value and celebrate the unique contributions of every member in the team. It is from this space that we inspire collective cultures of admiration and love, and from this space that we utilise our inner most capacities for creativity and intelligence.


Our workshop content is one-of-a-kind!

We encompass traditional embodied and spiritual tools, in a contemporary atmosphere of movement and play.

We co-create your organisational purpose, igniting passion and companionship to propel a new and meaningful chapter for your organisation and teams.

We guide participants through profound reflection and analysis of their physiological and psychological experiences, offering tools for self awareness, and demonstrating the power of empathic teamwork.


Our workshop are highly specific and fundamentally empowering. 

"We have learned to live so much in our heads that we can no longer feel connectedness to other living things. It is a radical act of love that is needed."

Pedagogy and the Politics of the Body - Sherry B Shapiro

Love who you are

Self-love is the natural flow of your life energies without resistance.


We all create judgements about ourselves that challenge our beautiful and radiant self from showing up whole and shining fully to the world. If our judgements are left unattended, they trap and resist the natural flow of life energies.

Love who you're with

Love is an expression. One cannot be in love, one can only become love.


Gratitude genuinely and authentically expressed is enormously powerful. It allows us to experience others as our teachers and have them show us the way to our higher intelligence. In this conscious and compassionate way of relating to one another, teamwork and spontaneous interactions are highly effective and mutually rewarding.

Love what you do

With clarity of purpose, and stillness of action, you're available to serve.

Our life is just a brief period of time in the grand scheme of existence, and when we realise this, there is no longer a need for motivation or time management. What is essential, is essential, and the entire cosmos is on our side.

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