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Cultures of Love

Transforming Cultures In Record Time


What are Cultures of Love?

Cultures of love are working environments where all team member feel celebrated, and have the courage and support to become their highest self.

What Cultures of Love do?

Cultures of love create spaces of safety and contribution, that uncover more vulnerable and innate sources of intuition and intelligence.

How Cultures of Love work?

We teach embodiment and awareness skills that inspire gratitude and responsibility, so that collaboration happens organically.

Why choose Cultures of Love?

Cultures of love access the highest levels of performance through finding authentic and empathic ways of being and working together.

Welcome to an experiential practice of feeling deeply connected to yourself, your work and your team. We are excited and privileged to explore your truest nature, that of love.


Britta is a senior business executive with 20+ years of international experience in multinational manufacturing groups, financial services, and management consulting, driving business transformations and cultural change. She has filled various global leadership roles as Head of Sustainability, Chief Compliance & Ethics Officer, Head of Global Quality and Business Excellence, Head of Business and Culture Transformation with regular assignments in Europe, North America and Asia. In all these roles and corporations Britta saw a missing culture of love, compassion and acceptance as the deepest underlying reason for why organizations can’t develop fast and profoundly enough to meet their today’s pressing challenges.

She is now focusing her work with organizations on stopping the bullshit, bringing one’s full self into the gameplan and practicing unconditional love with herself, her team, her clients and a burning passion for a shared business purpose.

Jonny is an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for nurturing communities. He is a performing artist, magician, life coach and internationally recognised dance teacher. 

Jonny founded a social-learning technology that laid impressive foundations for cultural change in the higher education sector. With his magician skills he has entertained many celebrities and performed at top venues across London. And with his Brazilian Zouk Dance Academy he has been teaching movement for over 10 years in various formats such as workshops, courses and spiritual retreats. Jonny loves to deepen the awareness of mind, body and soul both on a granular and cosmic level.


Jonny has experienced time and again how unconscious use of the mind and body block energy from its natural desire to flow, and this makes bringing one’s full potential to the world impossible. His intuition, awareness, methodologies and sense of fun allow his students to access a more authentic expression and honest understanding of themselves.


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